Friends of Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve is always looking for new and eager members to join its cause! You can become a Friend by making an annual tax-deductible membership contribution.

The Benefits of Being a Friend:

- Members have a strong voice in determining the types of support projects developed by the group and are on the front lines of advocacy for the Preserve.

- Newsletters and e-mail updates to Friends members give advance notice of events at the Preserve as well as the latest news on current Friends projects, members and partnerships.

- Special programs are available to Friends members.

Become a Friend:

Print and complete the membership form. Send it with your membership contribution to:

Friends of Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve
7791 Penzance Blvd.
Fort Myers, FL 33966

Greening the Membership

To save money and paper, the Friends conduct membership activities by email.  Annual membership renewal reminders, renewal receipts and the Friends Newsletter Connections, will be transmitted to you by email (if you have provided an email address).  

Being a member of Friends allows you to put your talents to use for a good cause.

Benefits of serving as a committee member include:
Satisfaction of giving service to the community
~ Opportunity to expand professional network and build skills
~ Enjoyment of knowing that you are making a difference in the quality of life for Lee County residents
~ Knowing that you are helping to preserve, protect and promote the Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve
~ Benefit of adding this community service to your resume
~ The pleasure of working with a committed group of citizens

Read the committee descriptions below to see how your interests can lead you to your niche in Friends:

Join the advocacy committee to help give the Preserve a voice in the community. Identify and develop relationships with key contacts and potential advocacy partners, attend City Council, County Commission and environmental committee meetings, and monitor and respond to actions or potential actions affecting the Preserve.  The Friends of Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve’s Advocacy Committee was created in 2002 to further the mission of preserving, protecting, and promoting the Slough.  The Committee is charged with identifying issues of concern, and developing and implementing strategies by which members will monitor activities of interest and influence outcomes.  By working with local officials, regulatory agencies, and other interested parties, Friends Advocacy helps to reduce negative impacts to the Slough!  Get involved and help protect the Slough!  Together, we can influence outcomes!

The communications committee needs people to handle publicity in all media, write for the newsletter, develop brochures, speak to community groups and develop Friends exhibits.

Friends needs members of the finance committee to recruit members, create financial reports and coordinate with the efforts of the fundraising committee.

Help the fundraising committee carry out projects to raise money for the educational exhibits and displays in the Interpretive Center, like making presentations to prospective organizations and civic groups.

This committee needs people to maintain and work Friends greeter tables and to work with staff to develop educational displays. Also, this committee supports programs, events and experiences on and off site for visitors, Friends members and staff.